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Why are you a "good" person?

Are you a good person for the sake of good?

Or are you good because you think it gives you benefits?

Are you afraid of being bad? Cant you imagine that? Are you not bad because you think it will lead to bad things for you?

If you were punished for being good would you still be good?


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  • Apr 11 2013: So you are just good be cause you were raised that way? Just because you are used to it? Following orders? You dont really think about it?

    Are you really seeking social approval and you assume that being a good person means you will gain something from it?
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      Apr 11 2013: I don't have to think about it because, yes, that is how I was raised. My father tried to "order" what he wanted, and my mother encouraged a genuine, loving exploration of life. I had a choice regarding which role model I accepted. My mom's perception and practices won!

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