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Why are you a "good" person?

Are you a good person for the sake of good?

Or are you good because you think it gives you benefits?

Are you afraid of being bad? Cant you imagine that? Are you not bad because you think it will lead to bad things for you?

If you were punished for being good would you still be good?


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  • Apr 11 2013: I believe that the core of our very existence is 'good' and it believes in giving and being good. Although we are capable of doing extremely bad things, they are a result of the kind of environment we are born in and our upbringing in that environment. I have been conditioned from my childhood that " you will reap what you sow". The importance of karma has been immense in the society that i have grown in. This has inculcated a fear in my mind about the outcome of doing something bad. Still, this fear does not stop me completely from doing bad things. A lot of times it is the authority that governs me and the repercussions of breaking a certain law. Also, I would say that I am good because all my needs are met.

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