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What's driving business success today - simplicity, happiness, 8 hours of sleep, etc - is a 180 from what used to be revered and practiced.

There seems to be a rather dramatic and seismic shift in what is now being recognized as the drivers of business. The latest research and best business practices are all about the more gentle, perhaps less testosterone fueled drivers like simplicity of message, honesty and transparency, happiness, meaningful work vs. pure dollars, 8 hours of sleep, etc. Perhaps, given the shift in power to consumers and the need for genuine relationship building, there's an opportunity for women to flex their DNA and excel without having to do the 'lean in'.

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    Apr 11 2013: what is the "lean in"?
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    Apr 11 2013: Me thinks that it is the same as it has always been. Which is what is the purpose of the business what need is it fulfilling.

    The customer does not give a rats ass about whether or not you are making any money. But if you scrutinize the landscape and find out exactly what the customer wants you may survive in the business world, for a undetermined amount of time.

    But perhaps I wax too philosophical?