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Celebrity Activism: Who ultimately benefits, the celebrity or the cause?

I am doing a dissertation on this topic and would like people to give an opinion on what they think of the question. I study PR so anything that relates back to media, how the publics attitude is swayed and what happens if the celebrity and the cause don't align, and does the cause push the celeb profile or the other way around. Case studies that I've looked at are- Bob Geldof-Live Aid, Joanna Lumley-Gurkhas , Sean Penn-Haiti and Angelina Jolie- any campaign she has been affiliated with.


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  • Apr 22 2013: Thanks
    I don't know what is your exact topic for dissertation but If its limited up to other World except India then results may be exactly what you feel, but if you are including India also then definitely you will meet strange data.
    You can ask for any related topic I will try with my friend in University to study practically.

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