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Should (+ why is) Buddhism ( be) held in such high regard compared to other religions?

Also if Colleen Steen, Jordan Burrill and Obey No1kinobe help me with the description, for I feel it is lacking in something. (Only if you want to, of course!)
The comment (by me) which inspired this debate : "I personally have never got why Buddhism is held in such high regard compared to other religions.
It believes in reincarnation, and that the dalai lama is the Buddha "reincarnate", (which from the New Atheist perspective that there is a need for evidence to make any claim valid, I don't see much evidence to suggest that reincarnation is correct, at this current moment in time.) and that "desire is the root to all suffering". While I would say rationalization was, but am happy to debate this with many.
I mean, do Buddhists want us just to be zombies? With no desire, or wishes. I am afraid I could not live in a world like that.
Buddhism, has a focus on getting rid of consumerism (and focus more on happiness economics), yet when my brother visited some Buddhist monasteries in Sri Lanka, some Buddhist monks forced him to pay to see the monasty, and made him pay more if he wanted to stay. Which seems rather ironic.
Also I find it rather odd when people say Buddhists are the most "peaceful" when they have extreme discrimination against Islam, which goes contrary to their own beliefs.
I hope you can help with this dilemma I have.
While I am willing to accept that Buddhism does have some amazing insights into what people fulfilled and happy (Which to be honest, I feel is quite amazing, and the main reason they are held in such high regard. And their research into meditation) I just disagree with (from what I understand of my very limiting knowledge of Buddhism) with some of the things they say!
I just view Buddhism in the same light, as I view all religions. (Which is strong agnosticism concerning their spiritual beliefs)"

I know I may have got some of my facts wrong! And apologise if I have!


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  • Apr 13 2013: Buddhism isn't a religion, it's a way of life.
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      • Apr 13 2013: Okay, you got me there. I probably didn't word what I was attempting to say in the best of ways.

        What I meant was that religion isn't as much of a religion as it is a way of life. I can't deny that it isn't a religion because it is ;people talk about it, practice it and follow it just like a religion is talked about, practiced and followed.

        I wouldn't call myself a 'Buddhist', however I do keep in mind the morals and overall goals of Buddhism, and how to incorporate Buddhism in to my own life, but I don't practice it like a religion is practiced

        I hope I made more sense.
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          Apr 13 2013: Ruben,
          For what it is worth, I think/feel you worded it perfectly fine. From what I learned about Buddhism with old teachings, it is a philosophical belief, or a way of life. I believe in modern times and western culture, people have embraced it as a religion, and in keeping with the changing times, it is accepted and described as a religion.

          That is why I wrote in my comment on this thread...."....it is recognized at present, as the fastest growing religion in the world. I always thought of Buddhism as a philosophical belief rather than a religion, and believe that idea has been reinforced with many of the Buddhist teachings".

      • Apr 14 2013: Colleen and Chris, I'm not sure how to directly reply to your comments (still new to this website).

        I agree with you there, Colleen, people have embraced it as a religion, if it wasn't titled a religion I doubt it would be as popular as it is.

        I'm not sure either Chris, it just came to be known as a religion one day. Understandable, I'm a bit lazy with my word choice and I do admit my vocabulary isn't one of the largest. Thankyou.
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          Apr 14 2013: Ruben,
          You did great with the positioning of your reply....it can be confusing. FYI...if there is not a little red "reply" in the upper right of a comment, you scroll back to the next possible "reply" opportunity, which you did.....PERFECT!

          I'm not sure when Buddhism started being called a religion either. I did a search yesterday to try to discover that information , and could not find anything.

          When I was studying and practicing Buddhism, all the old teachings I read indicated that it is a philosophy, or life practice/way of life, as you insightfully wrote:>) And since you are new to TED.....WELCOME!
      • Apr 15 2013: Obviously it comes down to perspective..What constitutes a religion? Just because it says so in the dictionary doesn't make it true, That's just a very sheepish thing to say.

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