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Should (+ why is) Buddhism ( be) held in such high regard compared to other religions?

Also if Colleen Steen, Jordan Burrill and Obey No1kinobe help me with the description, for I feel it is lacking in something. (Only if you want to, of course!)
The comment (by me) which inspired this debate : "I personally have never got why Buddhism is held in such high regard compared to other religions.
It believes in reincarnation, and that the dalai lama is the Buddha "reincarnate", (which from the New Atheist perspective that there is a need for evidence to make any claim valid, I don't see much evidence to suggest that reincarnation is correct, at this current moment in time.) and that "desire is the root to all suffering". While I would say rationalization was, but am happy to debate this with many.
I mean, do Buddhists want us just to be zombies? With no desire, or wishes. I am afraid I could not live in a world like that.
Buddhism, has a focus on getting rid of consumerism (and focus more on happiness economics), yet when my brother visited some Buddhist monasteries in Sri Lanka, some Buddhist monks forced him to pay to see the monasty, and made him pay more if he wanted to stay. Which seems rather ironic.
Also I find it rather odd when people say Buddhists are the most "peaceful" when they have extreme discrimination against Islam, which goes contrary to their own beliefs.
I hope you can help with this dilemma I have.
While I am willing to accept that Buddhism does have some amazing insights into what people fulfilled and happy (Which to be honest, I feel is quite amazing, and the main reason they are held in such high regard. And their research into meditation) I just disagree with (from what I understand of my very limiting knowledge of Buddhism) with some of the things they say!
I just view Buddhism in the same light, as I view all religions. (Which is strong agnosticism concerning their spiritual beliefs)"

I know I may have got some of my facts wrong! And apologise if I have!


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  • Apr 11 2013: Please read from my first post up.

    This is part 3

    It is also important to point out that one can practice Buddhism without being affiliated to a sect or group. This is my chosen path as I believe that fundamentalism can appear this way.

    I personally do not believe in reincarnation in the traditional sense but do believe that all of us go on living forever. (I believe that there are 200 billion atoms that make up my body that were once making up the body of William Shakespeare).

    I strongly believe that lust (desire), Hate and Ignorance are the main cause of emotional and mental pain and suffering. I myself was experiencing a great deal of pain and suffering while living a lustful, hateful and ignorant life. However, I can assure you that I am not a zombie without these. In fact, I feel more alive than I ever have.

    Since becoming less materialistic and consumerist, I attain more happiness through gaining experiences rather than material objects, get more pleasure through spending more time on community activities and with family, eat healthier, and feel so much more free from the clutches of the media and the system that controls us.

    I feel less ignorant towards people of other faiths and respect all people and in fact all beings as equals.
    I no longer struggle with anger, jealousy, patience and tolerance as I once did.

    Finally, the most important thing for me, is that the Buddha taught us to question everything, seek our own answers and look inside ourselves for the way forward.

    I hope this personal view of Buddhism is of some help.

    Peace and love.
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      Apr 11 2013: WOW!
      Where do I even begin?
      I will probably take quite a long to,e responding to this one!
    • Apr 14 2013: Lee, thanks for your posts and my first reaction is "You are talking about Swedenborgianism" :) The concept of life, and how to live, is just as the doctor ordered!

      What Jews and Christians often do not understand is that sometimes people are 'chosen' because the worst students make the best example of what we must endure to achieve.


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