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Anti-Trafficking and Christian agenda

With United States pulling NGO funding unless they support anti-prostitution/anti-trafficking agendas, people in the third world were FORCED to create anti-trafficking as an agenda. All the peer based sex work organization and sex worker themselves were ignored in favor of selling victim stories so that Westerner can support anti-trafficking agendas which often times (not always) is really a cover for anti-sex work agenda.
I feel this is neo-colonialism/kony2012 at it's worst - to victimize the most vulnerable and marginal communities at home and over seas often having violent consequences as well reducing effort of STI prevention in the communities by isolating sex workers.
The question is how CAN we actually improve the lives of sex workers who are usually detained forcefully by anti-trafficking crusaders and how can the voices of these people who are silenced by the rescue industry be heard?? For more ideas and data, and . Please google peer sex work organization like SANGRAM in India , EMPOWER in Thailand, Asia Pacific Network of Sex Workers (APNSW) , Scarlet Alliance in Sydney and your OWN PEER sex work organization in your own area and see how anti-trafficking agenda is really a cover to criminalize them while infantilizing the workers as helpless victims without agency.