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What can we do to change education?

My name is Hunter. I am a senior in High School and my english class recently watched this video.
This question was asked to me by a teacher to me back in 9th grade. His take on this was that there should not be an A - F grading scale because all kids do is shoot for an A. That's all. Nothing past that. All they need is an A to make everyone happy. I agree with this statement 100%. The problem is, how do we fix this? What scale can we use in order to make schooling more beneficial to future students? How do we get students to reach their full potential?

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    May 6 2013: Streaming children to classes of similar ability used to be the norm and now a lot of schools have stopped this and have classes of all abilities. The main problem I see in schools nowadays is that they are too large and so are the classes. How can a teacher be expected to teach classes of more than 30 children when some of them are disruptive because the lessons are geared to the top end of the class?
    I see no problem with mixing abilities in a class but I would say classes of 15 children in this case are a better number. Then the teacher has more time to spend with each child and group work would bring out all kinds of ideas.
    I think there should be a grading system because everyone is competitive, it is degrading the ones who have low grades I don't agree with.
    I know it would cost more money to employ more teachers but children in small schools are happier and learn easier than in some of the jungles that the government has created. Nowadays, there are children who go to school but as the schools are so large they can skip lessons and no one even notices.
    It is the human touch that is lacking, children need to feel protected and valued at school to thrive and that is lacking in so many. The teachers are often so stressed at work that they ignore bullying and spend most of the day wishing for its end so they can go home.
    Cure this problem and children will start to improve in schools in a very short time. That is my opinion.

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