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What can we do to change education?

My name is Hunter. I am a senior in High School and my english class recently watched this video.
This question was asked to me by a teacher to me back in 9th grade. His take on this was that there should not be an A - F grading scale because all kids do is shoot for an A. That's all. Nothing past that. All they need is an A to make everyone happy. I agree with this statement 100%. The problem is, how do we fix this? What scale can we use in order to make schooling more beneficial to future students? How do we get students to reach their full potential?

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    Apr 18 2013: what if instead of an A...a new field was introduced. Instead of just an opinion,illustrate how your ideas would intergrate inot a working model of human experience..with a goal of betterment(a real human priority) So not just an opinion on the war in Irac e.g. but how it could of been done better or differently. So now all concepts are not sterilized from the enviornment...but for more marks...must remain part of the human experience

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