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What can we do to change education?

My name is Hunter. I am a senior in High School and my english class recently watched this video.
This question was asked to me by a teacher to me back in 9th grade. His take on this was that there should not be an A - F grading scale because all kids do is shoot for an A. That's all. Nothing past that. All they need is an A to make everyone happy. I agree with this statement 100%. The problem is, how do we fix this? What scale can we use in order to make schooling more beneficial to future students? How do we get students to reach their full potential?

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  • Apr 12 2013: I can't speak for the public school stem at Fairfax County Public School System (FCPS.EDU). But as a teen parent in the country, I must say that we still have among the best public schools in the State of Virginia.

    Why ?

    Well one reason is that Fairfax County Supervisors (our elected local government) have published for all to see the 7 priority goals where county resources in order of priorty are being made . This list I found at the Fairfax County Government website about a year or so ago and have been following up on the 3 top goals listed , currently as follows:

    (01) Education (Preps for Knowledge Economy Future)
    (02) Community Safety (includes safety in schools and community facilities)
    (03) Healthier community.

    More Conversation: If you like the idea of Converstion Fairfax Community to Community topics where I am focusing. A good way to link for more specific prototype and demo projects that are easy to do with community and citizen support , I suggest you link via my new group I just set up at LinkedIn.Com called "Potomac Knowledgeway" (just such groups at LinkedIn.Com) and we can get connected your community and mine at Hometown USA. Thank you.

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