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What from your childhood experience produced "what" or "who" you are now?

Freeman Hrabowski said, "we are all products of our childhood experience..." I was conflicted on this statement, one part of me thinks this seals my possibilities now, so I refuse it but then another part thinks there is truth to the statement looking at my past. As a Nigerian kid, I gave up a childhood dream of building space shuttles simply because I was presented a career option that guaranteed me "life success", by someone who new nothing about my dream. Two decades later I can say I was a product of that choice.

And as Jason Prager said, "Who was I? Was I who I had been ... before this road divided my life like the spine of an open book? Were all of us the results of things done [or said] to us ... our bodies, their endowments and deficits? It seems that we could be nothing more than genes and experiences," who and what.


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    Apr 19 2013: I can say I am a product of my childhood, even as a kid I was building things, tree forts, sk8board ramps ( thank you construction sites ), taking apart every device I had ( Sorry Alphie and speak and spell ( every other toy I had ) And even today I find myself going, what's it look like without all this junk making it look supposedly pretty. I went into the Air force after High school, and even in there I ended up studying Aircraft Engineering and learning and taking apart Fighter Jets.

    I am now currently working in engineering still, using both what I learned as a child and in the Air force to have even more destructive learning curves. It's who I am and nothing I do will ever make me stop looking at things like this, just can't help wondering how things function and what is needed to make them do what they do.

    It's this very aspect of who we are that needs to be encouraged inside every human being on this planet, our world and humanity will benefit from such actions.
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      Apr 20 2013: Thanks man! would you say who you are is "figure it out"?
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        Apr 20 2013: I'd say who am I as a personality and mindset ( equipped with goals and aspirations ) Yes, that is figured out, how to take myself and manifest those ideas with current resources is another story. *grins*

        But yes who I am is figured out and a direct reflection of my childhood.

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