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What from your childhood experience produced "what" or "who" you are now?

Freeman Hrabowski said, "we are all products of our childhood experience..." I was conflicted on this statement, one part of me thinks this seals my possibilities now, so I refuse it but then another part thinks there is truth to the statement looking at my past. As a Nigerian kid, I gave up a childhood dream of building space shuttles simply because I was presented a career option that guaranteed me "life success", by someone who new nothing about my dream. Two decades later I can say I was a product of that choice.

And as Jason Prager said, "Who was I? Was I who I had been ... before this road divided my life like the spine of an open book? Were all of us the results of things done [or said] to us ... our bodies, their endowments and deficits? It seems that we could be nothing more than genes and experiences," who and what.


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    Apr 12 2013: Adebo,
    EVERYTHING from my life experiences contributed to who and what I am now......everything.....every single moment.....in my humble perception:>)

    Nothing "seals" our possibilities unless we choose to believe that concept. You say yourself...."I can say I was a product of that choice"......it was a choice, which contributed to your life experience.....correct?

    For me, it is important to realize HOW I use the information. For example: At age 30, I was diagnosed with degenerative disc disease in the spine, which is generally a progressively degenerating dis-ease. It is not unusual in older folks, as a part of the aging process. However, I was only 30, and I was told that it is generally, progressively disabling. After taking pain meds, traction, neck brace, etc. none of which relieved the pain, medical professionals suggested fusing part of the spine, which WOULD cause imobilization.

    I researched many holistic practices, and decided to strengthen the muscular system to support the degenerating spine. After 10 years, I was the strongest I had ever been in my life, both emotionally and physically. Then I bashed my head in....near fatal head/brain injury caused by a horseback riding accident....OH CRAP....here we go again!

    I learned, with the DDD, how to strengthen and rebuild the body/mind and all the connections. So, when I was told I was going to be disabled and would never function "normally" again because of the head injury, in the back of my mind (such as it was), I believed that I could rebuild AGAIN.

    I totally agree with you.....we are a product of the choices we make, and the important part is HOW we use the information. NOTHING "seals" our possibilities, unless that is the belief we choose to embrace......make any sense?
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      Apr 13 2013: Thanks Colleen for sharing generously yourself. I love it!

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