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What from your childhood experience produced "what" or "who" you are now?

Freeman Hrabowski said, "we are all products of our childhood experience..." I was conflicted on this statement, one part of me thinks this seals my possibilities now, so I refuse it but then another part thinks there is truth to the statement looking at my past. As a Nigerian kid, I gave up a childhood dream of building space shuttles simply because I was presented a career option that guaranteed me "life success", by someone who new nothing about my dream. Two decades later I can say I was a product of that choice.

And as Jason Prager said, "Who was I? Was I who I had been ... before this road divided my life like the spine of an open book? Were all of us the results of things done [or said] to us ... our bodies, their endowments and deficits? It seems that we could be nothing more than genes and experiences," who and what.


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  • Apr 10 2013: I used to sit on the front porch, as a kid, & listen to my great uncle talk when he came to visit. He only showed up about once every 3-4 yrs. or so, but his wealth of knowledge, on just about every subject, was vast cause he made it a point to learn from various sources.
    He was the spark, in coming years, to learn and keep on learning. It has broaden my mind in so many ways and been a great help to me in my later years.
    I had many dreams and still do, and yes I am a true dreamer.
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      Apr 12 2013: Thanks for your generosity in sharing.

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