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What from your childhood experience produced "what" or "who" you are now?

Freeman Hrabowski said, "we are all products of our childhood experience..." I was conflicted on this statement, one part of me thinks this seals my possibilities now, so I refuse it but then another part thinks there is truth to the statement looking at my past. As a Nigerian kid, I gave up a childhood dream of building space shuttles simply because I was presented a career option that guaranteed me "life success", by someone who new nothing about my dream. Two decades later I can say I was a product of that choice.

And as Jason Prager said, "Who was I? Was I who I had been ... before this road divided my life like the spine of an open book? Were all of us the results of things done [or said] to us ... our bodies, their endowments and deficits? It seems that we could be nothing more than genes and experiences," who and what.


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    Apr 12 2013: Similarly Sigmund Freud believed that are behaviour the the things we do are a result of our childhood experiences, though he looked at it in a slightly more controversial manor.
    I think that to some extent, yes - our experiences whilst we are growing up do influence our futures and help develop us into who we are. However I think it depends on what we consider apart of who we are and how we look at ourselves and how we got to the place we are currently at in our lives.
    I suppose a way to look at this question is with examples; as a child you may have had a pet who you loved and cherished dearly, the 20 years later, still possessing your love for your old pet, you become a vet. Would you have become a vet anyway because other paths would have lead you to the realisation that it was what you wanted to do?
    it is a thought provoking and tough question to answer though I shall be watching this space as I'm interested in hearing what peoples views on this are. I'm sure some very good answers will be posted over the next several days!
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      Apr 12 2013: Interesting :) Thanks for your inputs. Are you the child with the pet?

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