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If multiculturalism is a good thing shouldnt we mix people from different ages aswell?

For example in classes. Should we let people from different years integrate with eachother more?

So that you dont get to used to only one culture (your class).

I think we should.


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    Apr 11 2013: It is often enlightening for people of different generations and ages to have an opportunity to interact. It does not have to be in the classroom.

    Pooling students of different ages in a class will work in some classroom settings but not others. At university a class will have students of widely varied age bringing different things to the course, as long as they all have the prerequisites. Montessori schools often have students of different ages. "Split classes" and one room school houses do as well.

    Mixing students of different ages in a class requires a teacher to be on her toes. Older students sometimes feel humiliated when a much younger student in class seems to find the work easy while the older student struggles. Students who are retained and therefore in class with younger students are more likely to drop out than those in class with same age peers.

    Social maturity is often a factor in whether mixing ages works well or poorly. I have taught a lot of math to mixed grade classes.
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    • Apr 10 2013: I respectfully disagree with your statement that multiculturalism is not a good thing. Your reasoning behind it is fallible because your are talking about "forced multiculturalism" which will inherently lead to what you have described. The main idea behind this is that it is being forced. Anything that is forced normally does not turn out to be good. If you have open and natural multiculturalism, the effects should be drastically different.
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    Apr 10 2013: I think the people should do whatever suits them. Why is anyone qualified to tell anyone what to do?
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    Apr 10 2013: .
    Hi Emil,

    This is an interesting topic. Currently, I attend evening classes and they are all a blend of age groups. The range is fairly wide; there are students in their early twenties, and students in their forties, some of whom have kids of their own. Younger students get to learn from the more experienced scholars; older attendees can tap into the upcoming generation and receive ‘insider’ information on trends and what is cool today. This whole process in my opinion opens up the minds of all present in the classroom. There is plenty of childishness that we face with some of the folks. For me, it gives me the opportunity to on occasion feel immature and inexperienced again, and wakes up the youngster inside me. I think it works well both ways. I see it as a cumulative pool of experience which holds 500+ years of knowledge, skills, and understanding. We do get the occasional "what’s a VHS” question though which is always fun.

  • Apr 10 2013: There are pluses and minuses to everything. Why not choose to have friends of various ages?
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    Apr 10 2013: There is no problom mixing kids from diffrent ages at the same classroom, given that their in the smae level of the metirial.
    Multiculturalism is great- it creates a wider array of thoughts and make the strong help the weak, but it isn't so prodactive.