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How long will we experiment with shale gas development and hydraulic fracturing in populated areas and allow people to be the guinea pigs?

It is astounding that Alice Stewart published strong anecdotal evidence that prenatal xrays were causing leukemia deaths in children and it took the medical profession 25 years to cease this practice.


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    Apr 10 2013: Hydraulic fracturing is a sign of desperation to feed our addiction to fossil fuels at the least possible monetary outlay, no matter the human and environmental cost.

    It's only a matter of time before the huge corporations doing the fracking are taken to court by existing land ownership cooperatives, or cooperatives formed as a result of trespass and theft of subterranean resources under owned land.

    In other words, the subterranean effects of hydraulic fracturing spreads way beyond the designated curtilage of land where the fracturing corporation's site of works is located, which I think may be unlawful practice.
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      May 10 2013: Ownership of land is normally limited to surface land down to a rather shallow depth, and generally excludes mineral or petroleum rights in the deep subsurface, which may be licensed by the state to extraction operators. The licensee is prohibited from causing damage to surface resources. The surface owner may have rights of use of deep ground water, and could perhaps carry a complaint of degradation of the quality of those waters, but it's often difficult to prove the cause of changes in deep ground water.

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