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How do you bring beauty and happiness into your own life and the lives of others?

Beauty is very important to me, and I'm interested in people's perceptions of beauty and their methods for enlarging beauty - in their own lives and in the lives of others.


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    Apr 17 2013: 5 senses...or 6 if you wish to be on the cutting edge...smell,touch taste hearing and sight...five openings into the being for information that produces mood,conclusions,mediates action(or not) 5 chances for me to make you fall in love with life or yourself...Im a hairdresser...I deal in illusions...I make you feel better about yourself..sometimes I show the transformation of vision....I colour out of your former self...sometimes I clear the path so your brave enough to be yourself and you cut off the shell that no longer relates...I inspire to see the world as one huge design that may be reworked to shimmer,and glow ...My place is full of paintings,sculpture,music instruments As an artist with a science orientation I believe with skill one can change anyone to see differently a better world

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