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How do you bring beauty and happiness into your own life and the lives of others?

Beauty is very important to me, and I'm interested in people's perceptions of beauty and their methods for enlarging beauty - in their own lives and in the lives of others.


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    Apr 10 2013: Hello May P,
    You look like a very beautiful dragonfly? :>)

    "Known in folklore as a messenger from the natural world, a dragonfly in the garden is thought to put you in touch with nurturing spirits to create magical transformations".

    Dragonflies bring beauty and happiness into our world:>)

    I bring beauty and happiness into my own life by being fully present and engaged in each and every moment of the life adventure with the curiosity of a child and unconditional love in my heart. HOPEFULLY, this also brings beauty, joy, happiness and contentment to all those I interact with, and because I perceive EVERYTHING to be interconnected, I believe in the ripple effect....or the butterfly effect:>)
    • Apr 11 2013: im at my weekly max as well, so Nice comment! this conversation is actually related to the one about the intelligence of the heart.check it out when you get a chance.
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      May P

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      Apr 11 2013: Hello Colleen,

      Actually, a damselfly, very closely related, but they swoop over the water a little more like fairies than dragons. A symbol of nature's beauty, for me, in fact.

      Being present in each moment can bring so much beauty and happiness. Your comment reminds me of a quote which hangs on my wall (one of many) to keep me inspired:
      "A child wakes up over and over again and notices that she's living... She dreams along, in love with beauty."
      -- Annie Dillard, "To Fashion a Text"
      As spring spreads its wings in my part of the world, I've been thinking daily about the importance of noticing what's around you - simply being present enough to smell the earth and recognize the buds on the trees has done wonders to my soul in the past few days.

      Certainly the smiles of others also bring a smile to my own face, but even deeper than that, when people notice things and point them out to me, it starts a chain of noticing. Perhaps we should amend the old adage. "Show a man flower, and he'll smile for a day. Teach a man to notice and he'll smile for a life time."

      Thanks so much for the reply!
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        Apr 11 2013: Nice quote May P.....thanks:>)

        I also notice as much as possible, everything around me all the time.....especially in the gardens! Right now, in my part of the world, spring is "springing" as well. Each day presents new surprises with things popping up here, there and everywhere. I have been watching gardens come alive again in the spring for 60+ years, and it still amazes me every year.....every day......every moment:>)
        Thanks for your lovely reply as well:>)

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