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How do you bring beauty and happiness into your own life and the lives of others?

Beauty is very important to me, and I'm interested in people's perceptions of beauty and their methods for enlarging beauty - in their own lives and in the lives of others.


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  • Apr 10 2013: Hello . . .

    The first time beauty came to my life when I could finally realize the beauty of nature. The beauty of nature is the most perfect and everlasting beauty.

    And for the first happiness I have reached was when I sincerely gave my whole energy and strength to service others and gave my biggest effort in helping those who are in need. Through that, I believe I had succeeded bring happiness. Besides that, giving your smile may also bring happiness to others.

    Giving a smile and a helping hand to others are the simplest way to bring happiness to my own life and the lives of others.
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      May P

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      Apr 10 2013: Oh the gift of a smile! Such a service to ourselves and to others.

      The beauty in nature speaks to me as well. It's amazing to me how important it is to our psychic, but how little it is emphasized in so many "modern" societies.

      Thanks for replying!
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      Apr 10 2013: Wholeheartedly agree Vera and May P.....nature and smiles are some of the best gifts:>)

      Smiles are contagious....be a carrier:>)

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