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De-extinction threats

Did NG scientists took in consideration the complexity of the interactions between the components of today's ecosystem?
Is it really a good idea to bring extinct species back to life?

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    Apr 16 2013: in life and nature then i think we will be just fine in whatever direction we take.

    Sorry this is sooo long, and excuse my spelling and grammer, im just a thinker!

    -None of what i say is ever a set in stone beliefe, many of my comments/thoughts/ and ideas are question based. (What if?) Really i cant say very much in this world is forsure set in stone concrete honest truth and fact, i mean at one point the earth was flat and the center of the universe, if you thought otherwise you would be jailed or killed or mocked, so are what we know now to be facts and truth may not be the case in 100yrs, 1000 yrs, etc. Everything i say is just new thoughts and ideas that, obviously in this forum, i think our worth spreading to other thinkers out there-
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    Apr 16 2013: I think we are all missing one big point here. We have come to a time where we as humans dictate the ecosystems, and even evolution itself. More as more since our beginning, as we become more and more advanced, we gain more and more of nature's powers. (fire, stone & metal shapping/forming, electricity, etc.) We are becoming so advanced that we now can control things down to a nano scale. (atoms, molecules, bacteria & viruses) Now we can control the very DNA that makes up the life we know of. We have this power wether we like it our not. But this isnt a new thing, us controlling ecosystems and nature, weve been doing it ever since we started gainning some of nature's power. We have moved various species from one area to another, causing plagues, phamon, distrunction of current species. We not only have programs to save endangered species but to also remove "invasive" species from areas we dont want them in. Most of the time we are the ones who bring the "invasive" species into said area and they simply struggle and adapt to survive in that area, just as the species and habitat it came into changes and adapts to it. Now with our advancements we can choose how we wish to use these powers and control the world around us. Basically, things are ever changing, they always have and always will be, astroids have targeted our planet changing the environment causing the species to adapt and evolve to whatever came, valcanos have erupted and destroyed landscapes, earthquakes, and hurricanes, these are all natural disaters that change the very environment and habitat changing the course of evolution and life, yet nature has always found a balance within itself to maintain life in a coexisting manner, until us, we move a destroy without care, we do not maintain life in a coexisting fasion, we do it in a dominating one-so things will change, things will be lost, if we can bring those things back should we? Well i just say as long as we as humans can find that balance.....
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    Apr 15 2013: It is a good thing to help regain the life that was once lost and I like the idea stated in the talk but as you have mentioned is it fine that we interfere with complexity of the present ecosystems
    I think we should help develop these ecosystems and hope for the best and secondly I think we should 1st preserve those animals which are going to be extinct then try to bring back the dead
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    Apr 10 2013: Darwin's tree of life has lots of different species arising from a few; ultimately one single ancestor. If this is true, then surely if we stop destroying habitats etc. then the number of species will increase naturally.
    I think we know this wont happen; but no-one really questions the Darwinist premise.
    Even if we start a de-extinction program, my guess would be that the natural mass extinction trend will swamp any puny effort of mankind to reverse it.
    It would make more sense to restore natural habitat & let nature take it's course.

  • Apr 10 2013: This could mean anything. What about smallpox? That would be bad if it lived aqain if a virus is alive.
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      Apr 10 2013: My point George is that the environment evolves and fits to the consequences and mistakes that we,as humans, unfortunately did make. And De-extinction, for me, is not the most suitable solution to those mistakes. I think it will create a mess and change the way in which evolution naturally goes on.