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Mapping the Global Economy

Here is a link to the project:

I would love to see a wiki project map out the global economy. In an organized format all local/country economic data would be collected. All authors would be required to format articles in a standardized and cited format. This project will utilize all available publicly released economic data: GDP, employment, industries, corporations, fiscal policy, monetary policy, banks etc. Economists can help determine the most concise and educational way to present the data.

There is nothing in the world that resembles this model. There is no Wiki that allows economists to add economic data under a standardized format.

I have written the article for 'Economy of the United States'. This is the start of the project. Citations include the U.S. Census Bureau, the World Bank, Bureau of Economic Analysis, Yahoo Finance, CNN'S Money's Fortune 500 list, U.S. treasury releases, Federal Reserve websites, company SEC filings and the IMF. The article can be seen in my userspace:

All articles would be standardized and connected in an organized network that would look like this. This model would go down to the most local level. All 196 countries would have a standardized country article. This project would evolve as economists determine better ways to present the data.

Currently the 'Economy of ______' pages are a very educational collection of economic data but they can be improved. I think that these articles would be better if they were in a standardized format. This would allow for greater comparability and public understanding economic statistics.

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    Apr 9 2013: This info has to be available somewhere. Is the emphasis of your idea the making of a wiki, why is that advantageous over having it available elsewhere on the Net, or in books?
    • Apr 10 2013: I have designed an alternative way to look at an economy. I never hear the media talking about these types of numbers but I believe that data like this should be seen by everybody. I think this would improve society and allow for improved economic discussion.

      Here is link to 'Economy of the United States' sample article. This exact format can be repeated for all 196 countries: