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If I make a discovery what can i do with it?

If I have come closer to the cure for cancer. Or a discovery that would rewrite the schoolbooks. Where should i turn to? What can i do with it? It seems like there would be nobody to talk to, no way to take it further.


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    Apr 9 2013: It would depend on your credentials and the discovery. If you've made a discovery of some medicine that will help cancer, you'll have to get it approved by the FDA. If you've created some labor-saving device, you may have to get that approved by some agency to make sure it's safe to use. Or maybe you can just start marketing it, I don't know, you could easily research this question on the Net. Once you know whether you can market it with or without approval, then you have to decide how to market it. You may want to start manufacturing it, or perhaps find someone who will manufacture it for a payment.

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