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If I make a discovery what can i do with it?

If I have come closer to the cure for cancer. Or a discovery that would rewrite the schoolbooks. Where should i turn to? What can i do with it? It seems like there would be nobody to talk to, no way to take it further.


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  • Apr 9 2013: Ill explain further.

    There are examples in history where some people have made important discoveries. But nobody remembers them. While others do the same thing but with luck happens to get extremely famous.
    What if right now there is someone in the world that figured out in his head the Meaning of Life. So important in som places but it dousnt matter. He cant tell you. There is nobody to turn to! What is he supposed to do?Go to a forum online, make a blog? Nobody would care.

    What if you knew that some things you get taught in school are lies. But there is no way for you to change things into the truth. You dont have that power/ Athority.

    People take for granted that as soon as something new and important gets discovered they will have it at their feet but the reality is that there could already be someone stuck in a cave somewhere knowing everything in the world that you would need to know. But he cant reach you. His work is ignored. How could he not be ignored?

    Even if you would tell someone then that would be it. It wouldnt lead to anything and only a few would know.

    What if you have experienced something unique but its so unique people cant understand it. So nobody knows about it anyway. All your work and experience is for nothing.
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      Apr 11 2013: Try to explain it to one person, preferably someone you trust. If the communication was successful, then explain it to another. Don't be hasty.
    • Apr 11 2013: you gotta tell someone. if your that strong about it tell someone. if your worried about some one getting credit , write the idea in full detail, mail it to your self and don't open it untill u need to. it wont go any where unless you share it with people. that's the only way.

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