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What did you learn about relationships during childhood?

During childhood everybody learns from the relationships they see. Whatever your situation, which messages did you pick up?


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    Apr 9 2013: I think what is both quite unfortunate and equally beneficial is that what I tended to learn about relationships in my childhood...is what not to do in a relationship...

    I suppose the main five traits I received would have been:
    1. Never be disloyal to your partner
    2. Always communicate when there is an issue
    3. Never accept a partner who you could describe as 'not good enough'
    4. Shouting, screaming and violence accomplish little/nothing
    5. Children shouldn't have to deal with or even be aware of adult problems and concerns.

    I think the central foundation to what I learned about relationships is that its always best to only consider a person for a possible relationship after objective thought and contemplation as to whether they're ultimately suited for you.

    Personally it has always worked well for me as I've yet to have a relationship end that was the result of my actions and within my control (albeit the reasons are all the more annoying, such as them leaving the country etc etc)
    But I suppose on reflection, even the negatives provided me with constructive conclusions, so it was still positive, even when it wasn't.

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