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Imagine NextGen 3D Sensors - What important problems would you solve?

Dear TED community,

I propose a new technology to you which may become standard in the next generations of consumer goods or certain industrial fields - Wide Range Time-of-Flight Measurement. While our technology does not capture a trillion frames per second as the tagged TED talk refers to, we capture 3D environments including static objects as well as motion with a time resolution of up to 1000 frames per second - All that within a radius of 32ft (or 10m) at a precision of 0.03" provided by a portable module (0.8"x0.8"x0.8") with low energy consumption. The use of infrared lets it operate in both dark and bright environments.

Certain sensors are already out in the market that are based on a similar technology and may be superior on certain dimensions but mainly not with respect to the very combination of specifications of our technology given its compact build for mobile usage. Imagine you could transform interaction between humans and computers, improve everday usability and/or provide social value. I would like to leverage your individual experiences and collaboratively discover the unobvious and new.

What problems would you solve with Wide Range 3D Measurement technology? What existing technologies would be complemented in their functionality or eventually rendered obsolete?

Thanks for sharing your valuable thoughts with me.



  • Apr 11 2013: I think that the 3D sensor will really become popular in the military and law enforcement. I am not one but I have friends who are. I know that they have technology like this but I belive this could be combined with some of the technology that they already have, and enhance there ability to do things. Like being able to see the actual suspect and there hight and or where there moving. It would kinda act like a camera but be able to see them all around.
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    Apr 11 2013: Thanks for your insightful ideas you bring to the table. What role do you think may 3D sensing play with respect to your life, quality of living. How do you see the field of 3D sensing in sensitive areas e.g. at home, when information is transferred to outsides institutes and/or organizations? What role can such technologies play in your home, personal space, e.g. being part of existing appliances or stand-alone solutions?

    I am looking forward to further comments, abstract ideas, concepts - whatever comes to your mind spontaneously.