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What 3 Skills Would You Like to Learn?

Everyone has a bucket list of skills they'd like to learn. Language, musical instrument, art, photography, computer programming, starting a business, sink 3 pointers, etc.

What are your top 3?

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    Apr 16 2013: 1 - photography
    2 - painting
    3 - cinematography
  • Apr 14 2013: 1. sign language
    2. to be a medium or a phsychic, very intuitive
    3. to draw and paint
  • Apr 13 2013: 1. perfect the scone, an apricot walnut scone...then eat it.
    2. grow an abundance of vegetables ,flowers,strawberries and figs.
    3. learn how to properly groom my Wheaton terrier so she doesn't look deranged.
  • Apr 13 2013: I wouldn't say these are my top 3, because that is far too hard to define, but here are ones that spring to mind right now.
    (In no particular order)
    1. Learn at least 3 more languages, those being Spanish, German and Mandarin.
    2. Learn Cinematography, it interests me so much, but I know so little.
    3. How to play basketball + actually be good at it, it's such a social sport and I am absolutely horrible.

    Oh boy, that was hard.
  • Apr 11 2013: 3 skills huh? well that is a great question.....hmmm I am so not sure about this

    1. I would love to go sky diving.
    2. I would love to go to africa and help them like build houses or create something that will better there lives
    3. I would love to meet someone famous

    I know these seem really standard lol.
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    May P

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    Apr 9 2013: *Finding the light in everyone - this is a Quaker idea that I'm currently trying to work into my everyday life.
    *I want to become a polyglot. Not sure if that's a skill, exactly.
    *I want to learn to write poetry - or more exactly figure out how to express certain sentiments, like the feeling of holding hands, or that moment of driving under a bridge in the rain, when all the sounds ceases for a brief moment.
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    Apr 9 2013: 1. To grow plants.
    2. To paint
    3. To learn French
  • Apr 9 2013: Dear Joshua...

    I would like to learn piano. After I get married and have child, I can teach my child by myself.
    The Second is Photography. Because I can get so many picture in my camera. Lens represent what you want to look in the world. The third is environ mentalist. I like healthy environment so much.