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A No-Party Party

Most people I know are getting heartily sick of both Republicans and Democrats. I mean, Congress had a 13 percent approval rating in March of this year. Our political system is obviously broken. Nothing has changed in years it seems like, despite promises along the lines of hope and change from both parties.

So how about a new party, with a base platform of "We're all ears." Willing to listen to anybody, take everything with a grain of salt, and actually work with the good of the country in mind. Instead of demonizing the other candidate, they take what he says and improve on it. Instead of pet causes, the whole basis for the party is compromise, or in other words getting things done. Sure, maybe nobody gets exactly what they want, but they're not getting it now anyways.

Fundraising by kickstarter with a max donation of 500 dollars, advertising by youtube and social media. What do you think? How could we make this party actually work and go national? What would you like to see in a No-Party Party? I'd like to see honest people in government.


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