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Challenge the technology

I think this is a rather simple idea. Use your idea about the capabilities of present day technology and make a projection what it can achieve by 2050. Based on that ask the technologists to give you three inventions. Be as creative as you may like to be but exclude pseudo science and techno fictions. I propose to each TEDster to be the Leonardo da Vinci of 2013.

Technologists and entrepreneurs! Have a look here and decide if you are up for the challenges.

Let me roll the ball first. I wish the following:
1. Edible clothes
2. Metals that grow and heal
3. Telekinetic robots

Your turn.

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    Apr 9 2013: A MMORPG (Massive Multi Online Role Playing Game) that trains players to operate real world robots, and then at a set level players can operate real world robots through the game service.

    Imagine a MMORPG in a Virtual Reality were you operate an undersea robot, and you get points for killing invasive species and helping endanger species or building coral reefs. And if you get to a set level you can control I real life undersea robot.

    Or would you prefer forest firefighting, mining, farming, harvesting, pest control, search and rescue, or some other robot for a dangerous job.

    Not only is this possible, but also add greatly to the work force by allowing retired and handicap people to earn and feel productive.

    I can see it now; I’m home controlling my robot in the woods look for morel mushrooms, and then spot a nest of fire ants. So I send the GPS coordinates the state exterminators, I would drop some poison food but I’m only at level 183 and I have not earned take function yet. ;)
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      Apr 9 2013: Do you think the robots should be under Asimov's laws of robotics?
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        Apr 9 2013: I’m only suggesting remote or semi-remote controlled robots, and not self-controlled or robots that can learn. So the robots would be not smart enough to understand governing laws, but would have safety features that would end in the same results. For example the better table saws today have a feature that stops the blade if it detects skin/flash, so like that a mining robot could shut down if it detects an explosive gas. Thus not cause harm to humans.

        The robots would be inactive until a human is controlling it actions, thus only obeying human orders.

        FYI: by semi-remote controlled I refer to a blend of human controlled and programs that preform safety features, return to base for recharge, adjust for high winds, strong tides, and etc.
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          Apr 9 2013: Will you have these robots designed for extreme energy efficiency like say energy scavengers? Interesting concept.
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    Apr 8 2013: 1. Quantum Computers
    2. Nano robots
    3. (using the two above) Clinical immortality
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      Apr 9 2013: God Lawren it would take a QC to monitor gene fluctuations, I think it will come down to worrying about "What if" this happened and my descendants get a sleeper mutation. It's all about real time monitoring.
  • Apr 12 2013: I love your idea and thanks for sharing. I have my own list of course and top three priorities where I am focusing that are somewhat different from your list. I live in Fairfax, VA a urban community of 2 million and part of the Washington DC hub, a community of about 6 million. Yea, we have poor people, though our County is known as one of the wealthiest communities in the nation. Among wealth, there is poverty.

    Yet, to have a hugh gap between poor and rich as to where they live (ie poor live in the "dark" part and the middle class live in the "light" part is not compatible with philosophy of America. "Muli-Income" community challnage America have been working on but takes time and resources to implement.

    So, my top item in the list is "Community type housing" (called Modular Housing") , inexpensive but attractive apartement type housing that is suitable for poor, elderly and college students is a key focus.

    I just searched on Google "Innovative Modular Housing Construction For Urban Poor In Mixed Income Neighbhorhoods__My Favorites" that I published few weeks ago at to help bring attention to this philosophy and opportunity issue for Hometown USA community boosters.
  • Apr 10 2013: Be able to view, real time, very small environments(interactions between cells)

    Mine planets in our solar system for elements and transport goods to and fro 'very' quickly

    Wifi transfers of memories/thoughts from person to person.
  • Apr 10 2013: Look we haven't been considering global warming. I believe that when Governor S. goes along with acceptance of Global Warming we should recognize we have a real problem. I like to hope for the best, but people need money to get food. We need to start dealing with the problems or it will get uncontrollable. Call me negative, but maybe I am.
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      Apr 10 2013: I don't think you are being negative George. Climate Change is a real concern whether or not Governor S. goes along with it.
  • Apr 10 2013: There is only so much food. It seems most of the people in China and India feed themselves as their ancestors did. Should we subsidize food? Can people obtain food who have no money? The Green Revolution requires a great deal of money for fertilizer. Me I believe that there will be famines and Plagues.
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    Apr 10 2013: How about field grown solar power?
    the big problom with useing solar technology today is its cost, but if you could add an electric ill DNA into a deseret grown plant modify it so unlike desert plant it will grow huge leaves and harvest the extra energy.
    could work?
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    Apr 9 2013: Here are few inspirations for George Lockwood
    1. Carbon fixing bugs
    2. Memory downloading
    3. Designed cloud to advertise for, say, Nike.
  • Apr 9 2013: This is always unpredictible. With seven billion people in the world don't expect the same positive game. If we could still put a man on the moon, we could ..........
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      Apr 9 2013: Interesting. Can you suggest/wish some technological invention that is specially suited to lessen the burden of 7 or more billion people? Moon is ok, but I think we still can inhabit earth for couple of centuries more.
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    Apr 9 2013: Nano engineering technology such as a replicator

    Bio engineering technology such as growing an organ

    Spiritual distilling the individual from who he thinks he is to who he is and that someday this will be the norm instead of the anomaly