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If you could choose any historical figure to give a TED Talk, who would it be and why?

This one is pretty open-ended. I'm curious to know who you would choose for a TED Talk, why, and maybe what you think their "idea worth spreading" might be.


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    Apr 14 2013: @Chris Kelly,

    I think the TED community would be the short-hand way of pointing to intellectual elites. I know what a rabbi means, and they were thought leaders because there was no other education other than religious education. Anything that pertains to phenomena is attributed to God. It was only after the 19th century, when the method was introduced as an "objective" way to concur on what causes a phenomena that the separation between religious thought and intellectual thought happened.

    I must say, to say that the brain does not generate the mind is a religious assertion. Not a factual one. But anyone who studies the anatomy, particularly the brain will see that despite its material nature, it is quite a miraculous thing! And yes, this little mass of grey on our heads CAN produce the mind. As a matter of fact, I believe that the body is the larger mind where the unconscious resides. (but that's for another forum).

    My point is matter and spirit is only separated by the limits of our senses. In truth they are one and the same, they are stable energy relationships that we codify in our mind as "reality" or the material world. But observed in another way, it really is all energy. The mind and the body are one and I see nothing wrong with the notion that the same mass of grey is a version of the universe, scaled to human size.

    My point is, we need scientists to be what they are. It is essential for them to continue to doubt and ask. That is their role. Just as we need the rabbis and priests to provide answers to questions that are unsettling, that is their role, they provide the imaginary number that bridges the equation. Somewhere in between those two forces tugging at each other is the answer, a moving evolving answer... without the two forces tugging and challenging each other, how can both grow?
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      • Apr 15 2013: just a couple corrections, they don't deny spirit, they have searched for spirit on many occasions, found evidence of it nowhere, and contrarily have found evidence that 'spirit' isn't a thing at all but something created in the human mind.

        also energy does not precede matter, they are one and the same - matter is energy.

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