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If you could choose any historical figure to give a TED Talk, who would it be and why?

This one is pretty open-ended. I'm curious to know who you would choose for a TED Talk, why, and maybe what you think their "idea worth spreading" might be.


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    Apr 12 2013: Definitely the greats: Buddha, Jesus and Moses.

    I mean, what we are calling religion now were merely Ideas that captured the imagination of people and it spread like wildfire, changing the consciousness of man for thousands of years. Jesus, love others as you love yourself. That was new then. Jesus was the first humanitarian. Including the samaritans despite them being outsiders of the flock. Buddha, x=X (individual consciousness = collective consciousness). Moses, there is only one God (the forces we see around are a product of one universal phenomena)

    Most scientists like Newton, and Johannes Kepler and even Darwin are quiet eccentric people who most likely don't look you in the eye. I would go for the luminaries!
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    • Apr 13 2013: Absolutely disagree Darwin and Newton were stand up guys. The other guys are legends. Many scholars believe Pythagoras was actually a handful of differant people whos works are attributed to one name. I would say the same thing about Jesus Buddha and Moses. These figures embody a movement not a single human vessel.

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