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If you could choose any historical figure to give a TED Talk, who would it be and why?

This one is pretty open-ended. I'm curious to know who you would choose for a TED Talk, why, and maybe what you think their "idea worth spreading" might be.


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    Apr 10 2013: The Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him)

    Not only since i am Muslim, but rather id like to listen to a Talk from him on his philosophies on life.
    Maybe to put into context, the same reasons Micheal H Hart had in his book.

    If its specifically only about science, then i would love to hear from Isaac Newton! brilliant to a level we cannot fully appreciate!
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      Apr 11 2013: I would invite Jesus, to get his honest opinion on certain matters like Abortion.
      Would be interesting to see what would happen with a 'Jesus vs Mohammed' debate. :P
      Hope you take no offence!

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