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Do you think that hair length regulations are necessary?

I've heard that some schools in U.S. do have those regulations, but mostly not. However in Korea, where I'm in, most of middle schools do have hair regulations, and the rules are really strict. In my school, for example, girls can let their hair grow till it's not more than 12cm below the ear. Plus, they give us minus points when we don't make our hair like what they told us to do. The only reason they do this is because they think that our hair length will affect our grades. Do you think that it's a good idea Please give me some opinion about the regulations.

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    Apr 9 2013: People are not dolls and robots. they should not look same as each other!
    These things is just for the power of schools, with these rules, They have more power over students nad they want that.
    Not a good thing at all.
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    Apr 9 2013: this is as stupid as it sounds. it serves no other purpose than "teaching" kids to obey arbitrary rules set by society, regardless of the merits of said rules. nothing good comes out of it.
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    Apr 9 2013: Hi Ye-Jin,

    Many schools have such requirements, not just in regards to hair, makeup, and clothes but also in regards to demeanor, language, and behavior. You and your fellow students represent this institution, and this is how your school has chosen to be represented. It is not to say that the length of your hair directly influences your grade; this is more of a preparation for the constraints you will face in the future as most businesses and organizations also have their own such conditions. Do I accept as true that they all make sense? No, I do not.

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    Apr 9 2013: From my point of view this regulations are useless. Eny regulation affecting people's appearance. Yes, there should be some common criteria, but yet to let the students express their selfs through their appearance.