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Ways to spend time with someone while physically separated.

Going through a temporary physical separation with my fiance'...she's back in North Carolina starting a new job and I'm still in Southern California.... at least for another month. A few days ago we both rented the same movie from Redbox. Through our celphones, we synchronized our DVDs, ate popcorn and watched the movie "together" from opposite ends of the country, conversing the way we normally would while watching a movie at home together. It worked out very well.

Yesterday, we both took a long walk in local parks and talked and described what we saw until our phone batteries were drained We both felt like we spent the day together - physically.
Any more suggestions would be greatly appeciated.

  • Apr 9 2013: THANK YOU! Great suggestion re: the book- I just ordered one for her.....had not thought of getting a matching pair and reading it "together" per your suggestion.
    We already do texting throughout the day .... and just like you suggested, especially first thing in the am and at night...... helps quite a bit to feel like we're physically together. Haven't hooked up the video cam on my computer in a while.... we were discussing that the other day..... first I have to remember what the software program is called ( d'ohhhhhhhh!!!) :-)

    Take Care and thanks again for all of your input!

    Michael Gorfain
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    Apr 9 2013: Ask her to buy a book that you bought and let her tell you the first chapter (which you don't read). Tell her the next chapter. SMS her good morning, let her SMS you good night. Do skype sessions of and on.
    When the month is over, drop everything and go to her. Best of luck :)