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Is It More Important To Have Love For Your Nation Or For Your Fellow Humans?

I would say my fellow humans, but so many times nowadays it seems like all anyone cares about is doing things in the pride of their nations and I've noticed that so many of these people forget about the wellbeing of the people live in their nations. It breaks my heart for people to turn a blind eye to the people suffering in their countries for the purpose of feeling as if their nation is the greatest. But maybe thats just an American thing, I really hope it is.

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    Apr 11 2013: I am convinced there is a lot of suffering here in America...and loving your fellow humans means loving the humans in your immediate vicinity... the ones you see, you are aware of. The problem is that suffering in America happens more behind closed doors, in cars...unlike the suffering in the open streets as in India...or Africa...
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    Apr 9 2013: Oh, definitely your fellow humans. If I saw someone starving and they were from another country, I would feed them.
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    Apr 9 2013: absolutely for me its fellow human...who is my nation?what do they do for a job? When is my invite to their dinner party arriving...so for me a nation is an idea,not really a thing...and when I meet each person individually(which I do,one by one) they dont seem to know who the Nation is..it just IS..So I invented for myself a little rule for how Im am to behave in MY nation...as far as I can see is my personal resposibility..anything wrong in my area...I am responsible and will help...where i AM INCAPABLE of dealing with things personally...not my ability to solve or deal with...this not mean I am not concerned or feel empathy..it is not possible for me physically to do my utmost at a distance. In school family and nation where mentioned..but there was a definite bias of importance given to the history of nationhood rather then what families experience as a collective...so My bias is towards helping a greatergood..which led me to be disappointed when I realized who I was supporting lacked the ability to achieve the best results...nowdays I just help anyone who is in my path and have a love for life,but negative attitude towards trusting anyone to be genuinely trustworthy....Prove me wrong and I would be forever grateful
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    Apr 9 2013: To love fellow humans including who don't speak my language, don't share my culture and have different color of skin.