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Hyeonseo's talk is the best. Really impressive.

I am a south-Korean and live in U.S. now. When i go to school and meet some people, they always ask about NK. Nowadays, NK threaten the world including US so I have a lot of interest of NK situation. Her story is really impressive to me even though I heard a lot of escaping NK stories but I think the thing shining her is her confidence. She tried to save her family and study English for living in south Korea and she is in the TED now. How surprising! Nice woman.

  • Apr 18 2013: What an amazing tale of courage. I think we have no real idea of the actual hardships in North Korea, nor of how repressive the regime really is. This is quite an inspiring tale of courage and determination.
  • Apr 14 2013: I am a chinese student in the US. I guess the officer who said "she is not Korean" could have already known that she is. For Chinese, it is easy to tell Korean from Chinese Han people just by looking at their face.... Hyeonseo is lucky and I hope more people could make their way to the new life !!! Situation in China has changed a lot. We need to help NK people!!!! Those evil Gov. should be punished!