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Where do you stand?

Are you conflicted by religious and moral imperative to help but are unable to do for because the world is so confusing? Do you find that when you have an idea it is mothballed by damning rhetoric popularized by politicians and the media?
Dan's talk lucidized much of the problems I have been unable to put my finger on. I'm a sociology student and musicology student and I object to subversive advertise placement in movies and tv programmes.I object to the condemning rhetoric from our politicians which condemns the helpless into cycles of poverty, as Dan Pallotta helped make sense of the confusion is ingrained in our flawed perceptions of what charity actually means. What do other's think?


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    Apr 8 2013: To me there are only three steps to being charitable, anything beyond that and your over-thinking it.

    1. Do your best to not need it, or need as little charity as possible
    2. Do your best to never need it. (AI: stay health and save for retirement)
    3. After and only after steps 1 & 2, Give to people that by no fault of their own need help doing the three steps and show desire to do so.
    • Apr 8 2013: But if we never need charity or never ask for it, are we not contributing to an insular society?
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        Apr 8 2013: I did not say never ask for charity, in fact in step 1. I say “need as little charity as possible”.
        So if you do your best and still need charity, asking for charity is clearly what you need to do.

        I say those who ask for charity but don’t need charity are the ones creating an insular society.
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        Apr 8 2013: I should add why I’m a little overly passionate about this;
        Not only I worked my whole adult life to stay self-reliant, ever sense ten years ago with the development of an health illness it has been a daily battle to stay self-reliant.
        And I know those who have lost their battle and then have to fight to get charity/aid because of those too lazy to even work to be self-reliant using up the limited funds for charity and aid.
        • Apr 8 2013: I don't think there's overly passionate about anything, as long as no ones getting blown up. You bring up an interesting point about self sufficiency. The recent DLA to PIP change being implemented recently causes severe dismay and heart ache. Challenging public empathy with exaggerated stories about benefit scroungers milking the system.
          Thank you for sharing though.

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