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Where do you stand?

Are you conflicted by religious and moral imperative to help but are unable to do for because the world is so confusing? Do you find that when you have an idea it is mothballed by damning rhetoric popularized by politicians and the media?
Dan's talk lucidized much of the problems I have been unable to put my finger on. I'm a sociology student and musicology student and I object to subversive advertise placement in movies and tv programmes.I object to the condemning rhetoric from our politicians which condemns the helpless into cycles of poverty, as Dan Pallotta helped make sense of the confusion is ingrained in our flawed perceptions of what charity actually means. What do other's think?


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  • Apr 8 2013: Dear Fritz, Pat and Greg,

    Thank you for your advice.
    Fritz I'm currently a Sociology Major with aspirations of changing something fundamental. It sounds highly naive to my self as well. I began this conversation to get a little clarity on where I should start.
    I began with getting a solid education, and currently working on being able to write a concise and coherent sentence. The way I was brought a persons worth is based purely on their contribution to society, and not by the car they drove or clothes they wore. To this end, when I entered Academia, I realised first hand the difference privilege has upon people and quality of life. It seems straight forward to me now, but it grates against the way I was raised and the community values i learnt.
    I've never taken a business course, or an economics course but I'm fascinated by how they work. Sociology explains the bureaucratic systems, which before was just a hazy word. I guess I just wanted to see if anyone was a confused as I can get.
    I've said I want to write social theory in the past, (and my friend asked me if I was having an existential crisis, and then told me I was too young for one) I want to make people at the bottom of the social scale realise the power of education, and that it is attainable with today's technologies. I want people to realise that every career is valid, and that bankers aren't evil, and oil companies serve the needs and demands the consumers. Maybe I should just keep studying...?
    :) Pat, I'm not sure what my goal is. I guess to promote the ideas I believe can make a difference and empower people through my own stories and writing.
    Greg, I am sometimes conflicted by the negative reports about the Catholic church in the media. I'm frustrated by the way our (uk) politicians use xenophobic arguments to blame immigrants for the woes of the country and even more dismayed by the way people just seem to accept what they hear or read on the news...
    I am a believer in God, and feel instant
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      Apr 8 2013: "I'm not sure what my goal is. I guess to" ...

      No wonder you are confused. If you had to produce just one thing in your entire life what would it be?

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