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Where do you stand?

Are you conflicted by religious and moral imperative to help but are unable to do for because the world is so confusing? Do you find that when you have an idea it is mothballed by damning rhetoric popularized by politicians and the media?
Dan's talk lucidized much of the problems I have been unable to put my finger on. I'm a sociology student and musicology student and I object to subversive advertise placement in movies and tv programmes.I object to the condemning rhetoric from our politicians which condemns the helpless into cycles of poverty, as Dan Pallotta helped make sense of the confusion is ingrained in our flawed perceptions of what charity actually means. What do other's think?


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  • Apr 8 2013: dismissal of my person. I try to be open and to listen to everyone and their views. I try to understand their world view and to understand the systems they work in. Such as business, and it's ethics (or lack of) and the economic sector etc. I find overwhelming that people in these sectors are more accepting of others views and opinions. But no one seems to believe that people can be changed.
    Dan's talk about the way we think about charity struck a humming chord in me which is still echoing in my head.
    So my absolute truth is...? I'll think about it today, but thank you again for the replies.

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