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Where do you stand?

Are you conflicted by religious and moral imperative to help but are unable to do for because the world is so confusing? Do you find that when you have an idea it is mothballed by damning rhetoric popularized by politicians and the media?
Dan's talk lucidized much of the problems I have been unable to put my finger on. I'm a sociology student and musicology student and I object to subversive advertise placement in movies and tv programmes.I object to the condemning rhetoric from our politicians which condemns the helpless into cycles of poverty, as Dan Pallotta helped make sense of the confusion is ingrained in our flawed perceptions of what charity actually means. What do other's think?


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  • Apr 7 2013: This world is based upon merit of the individual, good fortune of geographic and parental locale, and the inner will of the single person. Business and stock markets and algorithms are the mess of scrolling green code I see before me. Religious intolerance I perceive, but reactionary insight given does not help me make sense of the green fog. Somewhere down there, where I can’t see, can only feel, is the faint outline of an idea, or a shadow of where I know it comes from. Inspiration spurred onwards, skipping.
    “Dan Pallotta: The way we think about charity is dead wrong” was a clip I watched in the effort to chirp myself up, and perhaps a subconscious way of giving myself some purpose once more. His talk oscillated with me, in my own need to do something, but also lucidized the challenges before me. He used numbers, and jargon like overheads I’ll understand the second and third time round much more I’m sure.

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