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Where do you stand?

Are you conflicted by religious and moral imperative to help but are unable to do for because the world is so confusing? Do you find that when you have an idea it is mothballed by damning rhetoric popularized by politicians and the media?
Dan's talk lucidized much of the problems I have been unable to put my finger on. I'm a sociology student and musicology student and I object to subversive advertise placement in movies and tv programmes.I object to the condemning rhetoric from our politicians which condemns the helpless into cycles of poverty, as Dan Pallotta helped make sense of the confusion is ingrained in our flawed perceptions of what charity actually means. What do other's think?


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  • Apr 7 2013: Where do I stand? If you’re not with us…?
    Like Neo in the Matrix, many of us know instinctively that there is something wrong with the world. I have spent more hours than I can quantify trying to decide what the right thing to do is. And by the right thing, I mean choosing the path or making the decision which does not end up with someone feeling hurt, or rejected or whatever. Insignificant age and experience has taught me that this is not the way of it. In my sociology studies, I recently pondered the phrase, one can become trapped in ones skin by feeling too comfortable. Change is only promoted by discomfort and one’s ability to adapt is paramount to success in this world. This wrong world though, one which we cannot wake up from, is one in which we must find a way to adapt. Adapt how is the question? There is so much information in this world, advertising being thrown at us, our empathy being constantly tapped by the misery and suffering of people in numbers most of us cannot and will not comprehend. We become apathetic in our struggle, pinned down by ancient moral codes, and rhetoric popularised by our politician and the media. Where do we go for guidance and who can we trust? And how amongst all of this can we begin to even think about helping? Because we cannot focus long enough to pick a hand to take. It is our imperative to give or do charity, but that word has so many meanings for different people.
    Some will say, “Charity begins at home”, another will helpfully tell you the monetary value that should be allotted every month or week of personal wages. Another may simply say charity is lending a hand with the dishes, and giving an ear to someone in need. All of this advice is meant as either helpful aid, or simply an interjection, for whatever reason.

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