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Why is soccer so much more than just an international game?

Soccer has the power to unite people from different cultures and even provide a medium for communication in the absence of a common language. See bringing communities together through sport. Learning basic soccer skills can also contribute to toddler learning processes. And on Robben Island where political prisoners and Nelson Mandela suffered appalling treatment soccer became a symbol of union, escape, resistance and triumph over apartheid. 'More Than Just a Game' by Chuck Korr and Marvin Close provided a more extreme example of the magnificent sport. What I seek is feedback from others is why you think soccer / football (round ball) can even contribute to learning, overcome cultural differences and unite people.

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    Apr 6 2013: In every new environment I made new friends due to soccer. But the power to unite people comes from having the same goal: to win. Its also an easy place to show people that you have skills but moreover that you can also show trust and commitment with passes or you can show taking risks and responsibility with fouls or risky shoots. Sometimes you even see how people are really like: fighter, motivator etc.
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    Apr 7 2013: Caz, if you want more time on this conversation, hit "edit" to add more time.

    It must be that people enjoy playing and watching soccer more than most other games. Why would that be? I've always thought soccer is a weak game because it does not exercise the arms or develop skill in the arms. But when I've played it it is exceptionally fun. I think the running feels good, running on grass, you don't start and stop as much as in basketball or football. It feels good and fun to move a ball along with your feet, the feet are probably pretty sensitive and enjoy the running and ball-directing. I believe if you get someone to trace a line down the sole of your foot with a stick, you'll find it is very ticklish and sensitive.
  • Apr 7 2013: Thanks for your thoughtful feedback Mustafa. Would you also agree that showing commitment and sharing competitive team spirit can create a more trusting environment that encourages collaboration away from the soccer field?