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What is something you do that makes you genuinely happy?

I want to know what makes you happy. An activity or something of that sort. Something you always look forward to and that you could see yourself doing all the time. If this thing is NOT your job, then I am curious to find out your reasoning of why it is not. I'll read and respond to all answers. I'm a 18 year old kid about to go into college and responding would really help me out. Thanks.


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    May 4 2013: I am genuinely happy when I teach somebody something.....anything.....and I see their eyes light up with the new found knowledge.

    I am a teacher.....guess I chose the right profession for me. :)

    The latest TED talk by Rita Pierson is a good reflection of how I feel about my chosen career.
    • May 4 2013: How inspiring, Mary. I haven't been teaching all that long, but I know that moment you described. It is truly thrilling! I also loved Rita's talk.
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        May 4 2013: Lizanne, I think one of the greatest joys in life is learning something new.

        One of the very first quotes I ever recorded in my collection, and probably the one that got me thinking that you can say something powerful with very few words:

        "The mind, once expanded to the dimensions of larger ideas, never returns to it's original size"
        Oliver Wendell Holmes, American writer

        Now, imagine being on the giving part of the idea/learning......it's enough to make a teacher want to scream......YES!!!! I got this kid to learn this.....me!!!!

        I think TED is so unique, because we come here not only to receive, but also to give. Some give generously, I am very thankful for all that I have learned, but I am genuinely happy when I can take what I learn and share it with others.

        I think a good many teachers feel this way. And I also think mothers are the best teachers of all, don't you think so Lizanne? Are you teaching music?
        • May 5 2013: I so agree, Mary!

          I give music/voice workshops, I direct a children's choir and give voice lessons. I am self-taught, and have developed a technique based on the fact that I know my body was genetically designed to sing, and pass that technique on to my students.
          The main objective, whether it's the workshop, the choir or the lesson, is that the children have a successful experience in expressing themselves through music!
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        May 6 2013: That sounds fantastic Lizanne.......using your gift, to help others develop theirs.....through music.
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      May 4 2013: Thank you, Mary. I work as a teacher too and also feel that is positive to see how giving and sharing changes others' lives for the better.
      • May 5 2013: I agree, making other people happy is the source of our happiness.

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