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What is something you do that makes you genuinely happy?

I want to know what makes you happy. An activity or something of that sort. Something you always look forward to and that you could see yourself doing all the time. If this thing is NOT your job, then I am curious to find out your reasoning of why it is not. I'll read and respond to all answers. I'm a 18 year old kid about to go into college and responding would really help me out. Thanks.


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    May 3 2013: I like to be still in the forest until the animals forget that I'm there.

    Closer to home though, my own yard is shared by a family of groundhogs, a grey hare, at least twelve chipmunks, and countless squirrels and song birds. The are also a few raptors, fox, coyote and feral cats in the area; and in the winter I have deer. When I enter the yard they do not scatter, rarely do they even flinch. They have learned that I am only tending to the health of the plants that provide them with food and shelter. Chipmunks literally step right over my feet as they go about their daily business, raptors will swoop down within arms reach from time to time, a few days ago the local alpha feline left a present for me on my front steps. As a horticulturalist leaning full on into ornamental silviculture, this daily calm and connectedness is my job.

    Twelve hundred miles and thirty years removed, as a kid I used to truly love standing on the shore of Lake Ontario as the November Witch rolled in.

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