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What is something you do that makes you genuinely happy?

I want to know what makes you happy. An activity or something of that sort. Something you always look forward to and that you could see yourself doing all the time. If this thing is NOT your job, then I am curious to find out your reasoning of why it is not. I'll read and respond to all answers. I'm a 18 year old kid about to go into college and responding would really help me out. Thanks.


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    Apr 20 2013: Aidan,
    I look forward to each and every day with curiosity and live the life adventure to the fullest, being present in each and every moment. Nothing "makes" me happy. I carry happiness/contentment/joy in my heart, and that is a choice for each and every one of us. I Especially enjoy "play days" (skiing, biking, hiking, kayaking, etc.) with my "play group", since we are all a retired bunch of kids:>)

    "Don't let ANYTHING ever be ordinary"
    (Mary Engelbreit)

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