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What is something you do that makes you genuinely happy?

I want to know what makes you happy. An activity or something of that sort. Something you always look forward to and that you could see yourself doing all the time. If this thing is NOT your job, then I am curious to find out your reasoning of why it is not. I'll read and respond to all answers. I'm a 18 year old kid about to go into college and responding would really help me out. Thanks.


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  • Apr 6 2013: I genuinely like helping other people.

    I genuinely like going to garage sales with my wife.

    I genuinely like designing gizmos and gadgets.
    • Apr 7 2013: im like Robert im the type of guy that can fix almost anything and when i have free time or if someone has an emergency i will help them. i dont take money. im kind of a conversationanist and i truly enjoy talking about things i have read learned or seen to others and hearing there take on it or stories about things from there life. but my accual hobby is hand crafting i carve on of a kind hand carved pens. its a wonderful feeling when each one is done and im left with a piece of are that has a use
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        Apr 7 2013: I would really like to see some of those pens. It sounds really interesting. I like helping people and being generous but I feel as though I do it in a selfish manner. That feeling you get when you successfully help someone out through an act of genuine kindness is indescribable. I do it for that feeling. I'm not sure if that takes away from the good deed, however it still gets done and more people are happy because of it.
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      Apr 7 2013: Those are some really cool outlets. I've come to realize very quickly that everyone has there own unique hobby no matter what it entails. I also find it interesting that you've found that special someone (your wife) and how she is part of one of these activities that make you genuinely happy. I think that takes a really special relationship and, me being 18, I'm not there yet but I hope to have that sort of one someday. Thanks for your post!

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