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Has the internet and user-generated media killed the critic? If so, what are the repercussions for modern culture?

Critics have always defined artistic standards. However the internet has eroded the authority of traditional critics and replaced them with 'the everyman' opinion on Facebook, Twitter and other social media. With the internet’s democratization of creativity, everyone is now an author. We live in a new age of cultural populism, where everyone is entitled to their opinion and encouraged to share it. When the 'worst song ever' gets 29m views after going viral (Rebecca Black - Friday) one can't help but think our creative standards are at an all time low.
Do we still need critics? Is the age of the critic over? Do critics still set the standards/ Did they ever?


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  • Apr 5 2011: The critic of yesteryear was a product of the internet of the day,namely, newspapers and various periodicals. There existed a huge lag time between the heralded event and the general public's awareness. Authority of various sorts could be inserted in this lag time, much like a new part on an linear assembly line. The old -style art critic had much in common with the present day academician. Information and expertise was viewed as centralized, exclusive, and driven by a sense of propriety.

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