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What is the best way to stimulate a tired mind and body?

Between school, work, and social life, a typical day in modern society can be exhausting; sometimes from lack of sleep or just plain stress. I want to know what is the safest, most economical, most reliable, and effective method to feel energized and focused when sleep is not an option. Is it drugs (i.e. caffeine), focus games online (i.e. luminosity.com), certain diet, types social interaction, or something else?


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  • Apr 6 2013: I think you must already know this answer.

    To keep myself physically strong, . . .

    Take care of your body so that it will serve you well for an entire lifetime. That means eating nutritious foods, getting enough sleep, and exercising regularly to build strength and endurance. it also means avoiding harmful drugs, alcohol, tobacco, and anything else that can harm your health.

    . . . mentally awake, . . .

    Develop your mind both in the classroom and outside of school. Be curious about everything around you, and work hard to make the most of your abilities. With an inquiring attitude and the willingness to ask questions, you can learn much about the exciting world around you and your role in it.

    Sleep is not only an option, it is a requirement. Using chemicals provides marginal short-term benefit at the expense of long-term problems and risks your health. You are at a time in your life when the competition with others can influence opportunities. Be as prepared as you can be, take it seriously and stay as focused as you can, but remain in harmony with nature and yourself. Outside these bounds the stress is self-induced and will reduce your ability to compete.

    In many competitions, you do the best you can do, learn form your mistakes if you can, then be satisfied with your effort. You can make corrections to study habits, learn new material and try new things as time and energy permits. However, it is easy to be overwhelmed by the apparent stress and finality of short-term dramas. Success in academics and life is a long-term proposition.

    Your physical and mental health is your foundation. Stay focused on your end goals, work to achieve them. Just like Scouts!

    RG ES 78'
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      Apr 9 2013: Thanks for the comment! I probably do need to reaarange some things in my life, but I feel as I need to just finish this schoool year out strong (anyway I can, within reason, of course), and try to approach college differently. A fresh start I suppose. Great advice. thanks :)

      JS ES 2012

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