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What is the best way to stimulate a tired mind and body?

Between school, work, and social life, a typical day in modern society can be exhausting; sometimes from lack of sleep or just plain stress. I want to know what is the safest, most economical, most reliable, and effective method to feel energized and focused when sleep is not an option. Is it drugs (i.e. caffeine), focus games online (i.e. luminosity.com), certain diet, types social interaction, or something else?


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    Apr 7 2013: I would suggest your refine all your personal habits and improve each thing you do habitually,one by one. Apon waking if coffee is your firsr thing,switch to a coffee/chicory blend..its has great healthbenfits so you get your kick(but with benefits) have a shower with lemon juice and or aloevera,wash your hair with bakingsoda,brush your teeth with toothpaste and goldenseal...eat an eggsandwhich with omega oils and kelp instead of salt...stratagize intelligently so everything you do habitually is upgraded to be the most yummy and advanced healthwise...so now there is a basis for a foundation which you can repeat ad infinitum. Meditation,which in its simplist form is focused relaxation is a method for a physiological alert to the body...about your intended goal STAY AWAKE..strectching,and chanting would also form a clear ritual that bridges your physical self with your mind....Really the system for self preservation is endless if you are willing to forgo the current generic behaviour...I wish you luck
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      Apr 9 2013: Those are all great suggestions...very interesting. I will definetely try a few of them out! Thanks for the comment

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