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What is the best way to stimulate a tired mind and body?

Between school, work, and social life, a typical day in modern society can be exhausting; sometimes from lack of sleep or just plain stress. I want to know what is the safest, most economical, most reliable, and effective method to feel energized and focused when sleep is not an option. Is it drugs (i.e. caffeine), focus games online (i.e. luminosity.com), certain diet, types social interaction, or something else?


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  • Apr 6 2013: Many great suggestions here for ya.
    When I can't sleep, due to stress etc., I either go dig around in my garden or sit on my front porch swing with some nice music playing & a cup of something hot. Even looking at clouds does wonders. I just let my mind drift & find its own level.
    But the best advice in the world won't help if ya never try it.
    Sometimes the simple things work best.
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      Apr 6 2013: I love walking through the woods also to help me relax and refocus! i agree, just generally relaxing for a little bit would probably help some. Thanks for the comment!
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      Apr 6 2013: Gail and Jonathan,
      I agree Gail, that sometimes, the simple things work best. I often hear that people cannot sleep because of mind chatter....thinking about what they "could" do....."should" do.....etc. There were times, when I spent time thinking about what I "should" do, rather than "being" fully in the moment. All that mind chatter uses up a LOT of time and energy that can be "spent" more productively. Relaxing helps calm the mind chatter. It also sometimes helps to remind us to "BE" in the moment.

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