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What is the best way to stimulate a tired mind and body?

Between school, work, and social life, a typical day in modern society can be exhausting; sometimes from lack of sleep or just plain stress. I want to know what is the safest, most economical, most reliable, and effective method to feel energized and focused when sleep is not an option. Is it drugs (i.e. caffeine), focus games online (i.e. luminosity.com), certain diet, types social interaction, or something else?


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    Apr 6 2013: Jonathan, First congratulations on achieving Eagle Scout. In reference to your question different things work for different people. I had a small area I was responsible for and I encouraged a eleven to one break for lunch and gym time. I considered a lot of studies that said companies get about two hours of work from a employee in the morning and about two in the afternoon ... observation told me this was about true. I took the two in the morning but by adding gym time extened the work effort in the afternoon to about four. I found that exercise on a regular basis release chemicals into the body that revitalize you. That and the shower after gets me going.

    There is a lot to be said for a proper diet, proper rest, and stress relievers. I cannot say what is best for you but try the inclusion of one or more of these and if they do not work then nothing was lost and ... unfortunately .... nothing gained.

    I wish you well. Bob.
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      Apr 6 2013: Thanks for the comment! And thanks for the congrats!

      Your own experience with this is really interesting. If i had more autonomy with my schedule, i would definitely take a break for fitness in the middle of my day. Unfortunately, I'm a senior in high school, taking several college-level classes. All the same, great anecdote and advice! Thanks :)


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